In a move signaling the new chapter of its Central American expansion, Dongfeng Motor Corporation made its debut at the INA PAACE Automechanika Mexico 2024.


Mexico City, July 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The largest auto parts expo in Central America, INA PAACE Automechanika Mexico 2024, roared to life on July 10th at the Centro Citibanamex Exhibition Center in Mexico City. Leading Chinese automaker Dongfeng Motor Corporation showcase not just its DONGFENG HUGE vehicles, but also engines, electric motors, axles, and a variety of other components. This comprehensive display highlighted Dongfeng's manufacturing quality, research and development prowess, and robust service systems.


With a 30-year history, INA PAACE Automechanika Mexico has become a major benchmark and model within the industry.  During the event, a Mexican car dealer, Fausto Gomez, struck up a friendly conversation with staff at the Dongfeng Motor Corporation booth. "Chinese automakers consistently deliver what we need," He noted that the arrival of Dongfeng Motor Corporation is beneficial for local consumers. "Reliability and affordability are top priorities for drivers," Gomez noted.  Echoing this sentiment, José Morales, an auto dealer from Guadalajara (Mexico's second-largest city), observed, "Dongfeng's products offer higher configurations at the same price point."  He expressed his willingness to consider future collaborations with such a Chinese automotive brand.

Pamela Arciniega, a female dealer, was particularly impressed with the aesthetics of the DONGFENG HUGE. After a test drive and evaluating the vehicle's performance, she concluded that this new model from Dongfeng Motor Corporation is highly competitive in terms of price, power, and technology. "I am very willing to recommend this car to my customers," she said.

The Dongfeng Huge boasts Dongfeng's Mach dual-engine hybrid system, delivering lightning-fast acceleration with a response time of just 0.15 seconds. It's also packed with cutting-edge features like an AR projection sensor tailgate, a 540-degree ultra-clear panoramic camera system, and the latest-generation WINDLINK OS intelligent cockpit. The vehicle is spacious, fully equipped, easy to drive, and fuel-efficient. At this expo, the model attracted the attention of car dealers from Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, and other countries. They generally agreed that in Central America, where SUVs are popular, this model is well-suited for family use, offering an excellent travel experience.

"Last year, I missed out on a deal because I couldn't find this exact component," said Ducel González, a Mexican-based used car dealer, gesturing towards a car reducer displayed by Dongfeng. "If I had known the variety of Chinese auto parts was as extensive as your vehicle selection, I could have avoided that."

At the heart of the automotive industry's progress lies the foundation of auto parts. Dongfeng Motor Corporation, a veteran manufacturer with a rich 55-year history, stands out as a leader. Their core business spans a comprehensive range of vehicles, including commercial trucks, passenger cars, and the latest new energy vehicles. Additionally, Dongfeng extends its expertise to automotive assemblies, components, and even the equipment that keeps the industry running. With a global mindset, Dongfeng collaborates with over ten international vehicle and component manufacturers, and their products find a home in over 100 countries worldwide.

Dongfeng Motor Corporation recently announced the establishment of a dedicated Parts Division. This division will focus on increasing investment in intelligent connectivity technologies and key components for electric vehicles, including batteries, motors, and electric controls. This strategic move aims to tackle critical technological challenges, solidify Dongfeng's position as a leader in new energy vehicle technology, and cultivate new production capabilities. The Parts Division marks a significant acceleration in Dongfeng's development within the new energy sector and signifies the completion of its '4+2' business layout.

Dongfeng Motor Corporation didn't just showcase the DONGFENG HUGE vehicle at the expo. They also presented a wide range of over 50 parts and components specifically for customers in Mexico and Central American countries. These included cutting-edge technologies like the HD120 hybrid electric drive assembly and their own iD2-160 and iD3-160 electric drive systems. Additionally, they displayed the DCi11 commercial vehicle engine, the Mach C15TDE engine designed specifically for hybrid applications, and the DF230 wet dual-clutch transmission. The exhibit also featured heavy-duty aluminum alloy drive shafts, reducers, color screen instrument clusters, and vehicle networking communication terminals.

"Mexico, boasting the second-largest economy in Latin America, churned out 3.78 million vehicles in 2023. This output ranks it as the world's seventh-largest automotive producer and the fourth-biggest exporter, highlighting its significant market potential." said a representative from Dongfeng Motor Corporation’s International Business Department. Dongfeng Motor Corporation places great importance on Mexico's strategic advantages and is eager to establish new partnerships and collaborations through this international exchange.

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