TESSAN Announces Collaboration with NatGeo Explorer and Photographer Mattias Klum


Hong Kong, China, June 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TESSAN, a leader in innovative charging solutions, proudly announces a collaboration with NatGeo explorer, photographer and filmmaker Mattias Klum. This collaboration highlights the exceptional reliability and durability of TESSAN WTA travel adapters, designed to support professionals in challenging environments

TESSAN is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Mattias Klum, a renowned explorer and photographer for organizations like National Geographic. Klum, who specializes in documenting endangered species, ecosystems at risk, and ethnic minorities in peril, often finds himself in logistically difficult and challenging environments. For his demanding work, Klum relies on gear he can trust, including TESSAN WTA Series adapters.

"As a photographer, filmmaker, and artist for organizations like National Geographic, I specialize in endangered species, ecosystems at risk, and ethnic minorities in peril. This job takes me to countries all over the world and situations are often logistically difficult and challenging. I need to be able to trust my gear; from cameras, tripods, and waterproof cases to storage media and accessories. TESSAN WTA Series adapters is a natural choice for me. Durable and adaptable. A professional tool for professionals," said Mattias Klum.

TESSAN WTA travel adapters are engineered to provide seamless connectivity in over 200 countries and regions, ensuring that travelers stay power connected, no matter where their journeys take them. These adapters feature a compact design, robust construction, and versatile compatibility with multiple devices.

Key Features of TESSAN WTA Travel Adapters:

Universal Compatibility: Supports multiple plug types , making it ideal for international travel.

Fast charging: Built with GaN technology for fast charging speeds.

Durable Design: Built to withstand harsh conditions and frequent use.

Compact and Lightweight: Easy to pack and carry, ensuring convenience on the go.

Safety Features: Double fuse protection,protect your devices.

A Muse Design Award winnerMerging exceptional functionality with award-winning design.

"We are honored to have Mattias Klum recommend our products" said Alex, CEO of TESSAN. "This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing top-tier equipment for professionals who require the utmost reliability and performance."


TESSAN is a global leader in providing innovative charging solutions for home and travel. With a commitment to simplicity, efficiency, and safety, TESSAN products enhance connectivity and convenience for users worldwide. 

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