Artificial Superintelligence Alliance Super Launch Summit Ushers in New Era of Decentralized ASI


ASI leaders, stakeholders and business partners celebrate watershed AI token merger in Antalya DigiExpo on June 29

ANTALYA, TURKEY, June 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Artificial Superintelligence Alliance will host a business summit followed by a Super Launch Party for up to 2,000 supporters and partners in a star-studded global gathering of AI leaders, Sophia the Robot and Desdemona’s Dream Band, highlighted by the release of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) pioneer Ben Goertzel’s book – “The Consciousness Explosion”. 

Organized in conjunction with DigiCEX, a newly formed AI and Web3 focused global central exchange, and a number of ASI ecosystem partners, the Super Launch Party takes place at Antalya’s Digiverse Exposition Center, a unique “physical metaverse” and the largest 3D interactive immersive digital dome. 

The Alliance represents a turning point for development of Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) and AGI in an open, fair, decentralized manner. This alternative to centralized AI control that increases the societal risk for humans requires significant resources and a detailed approach that covers data management, AI models and infrastructure. These are areas the Alliance is uniquely qualified to implement.

“We are experiencing a profoundly unique moment in history,” says Goertzel, Alliance CEO. “The AI revolution is well underway. We are moving through a transition to AGIs that reasons and invents in an autonomous way, including helping with the invention of ASI. The Alliance joins tokens, teams and software systems in the decentralized AI world, and makes sure the transition to ASI is not owned by Big Tech and Government and unfolds in a broad, participatory way.”

The Alliance combines member skills and expertise to advance superintelligence in a collaborative and inclusive manner. Founders of, SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol eagerly await opening of the July 5, 2024 token bridge on Binance to merge FET, AGIX and OCEAN tokens under the ASI ticker with an initial market capitalization of over $5 billion ready to power decentralized ASI.

“This Alliance forges a new path in a world of exploding AI innovation,” adds Humayun Sheikh, Alliance Chairman and Founder. “With economies of scale we can make real inroads to change the way Big Tech controls the narrative and direction of AI. We deeply appreciate the enthusiastic response received from numerous communities and welcome strategic collaborators into the Alliance.”

Confronting AI Challenges

The launch of the Alliance coincides with that of Goertzel's long-awaited book – "The Consciousness Explosion." In many ways, this book provides a visionary road map of how to achieve a benevolent AGI at a moment when the scales are balanced with those in favor of accelerated AI growth and those against.

The credos of how humanity can thrive alongside superintelligence machines aligns with the constitution and business rationale of the ASI Alliance from a research and development view in the run-up to Technological Singularity.

“AGI has the potential to be by far the best thing that’s ever happened to humanity – and life on Earth,” concludes Goertzel. “It is amazing to be alive at the time of such a tremendous transition. But it must be acknowledged that positive outcomes are not the only options. It may be that choices we make now, in working toward AGI, will have a material impact on what sort of AGI and ASI emerge from our civilization, and what the transitional phase looks like.” 
ASI Super Launch Partners

The ASI Partners that support the Super Launch Party include: DigiCEX, Hypercycle, Sentience, SingularityDAO, SophiaVerse, Twin Protocol, Nunet, Primal Capital, Zerocap, Play Foundation, Deep Funding and Singularity Ecosystem Venture Fund.

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About Artificial Superintelligence Alliance
The Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) Alliance is a collective formed by, SingularityNET (SNET), and Ocean Protocol. As the largest open-sourced, independent entity in AI research and development, this alliance aims to accelerate the advancement of decentralized Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and, ultimately, Artificial Superintelligence (ASI). For additional information on ASI, visit:

About SingularityNET
SingularityNET was founded by Dr. Ben Goertzel with the mission of creating a decentralized, democratic, inclusive and beneficial Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). According to Dr. Goertzel, AGI should be independent of any central entity, open to anyone and not restricted to the narrow goals of a single corporation or a single country. The SNET team includes seasoned engineers, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and marketers. The core platform and the SNET AI teams are complemented by specialized teams devoted to various application areas such as robotics, biomedical AI, finance, media, arts and entertainment. For additional information visit:

About, a Cambridge-based AI company, is redefining the possibilities of an intelligent and connected world through its AI agent-based technology.'s infrastructure technology enables developers and businesses to build, deploy & monetize through an agent-based modular platform for the new generation of AI applications. The company's core product, DeltaV, fuses Language Models (LLMs) and AI Agents to create an open and dynamic marketplace that connects users to services and reimagines the current search experience. For additional information visit: 

About Ocean Protocol
Ocean was founded to level the playing field for AI and data. Ocean tools enable businesses and individuals to trade tokenized data assets seamlessly to manage data all along the AI model life cycle. Ocean-powered apps include enterprise-grade data exchange. 

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