Subskribe Announces Launch of First Standalone CPQ With Multi-Entity


SAN RAMON, Calif., June 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Subskribe, the Adaptive Quote-to-Revenue Platform for modern SaaS, today announced the launch of Multi-Entity for CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), the first-ever multi-entity embedded in a standalone CPQ product.

When a business has more than one entity, managing CPQ gets exponentially harder, with a wide range of variations to juggle, from different legal names to different product offerings, pricing and packaging, sales teams, and more. Maintaining all of these different entities without multi-entity functionality can become a real challenge.

“As SaaS businesses grow, adding new entities through acquisition or geo growth, multi-entity becomes crucial,” said Prakash Raina, Co-Founder of Subskribe. “Subskribe Multi-Entity provides greater efficiency and operational unification to enable you to easily manage, maintain, and report on all of your businesses in one tenant.”

Subskribe Multi-Entity is purpose-built for SaaS businesses to manage the CPQ process no matter how many business units are operating. It makes it easy to limit access and views so that each entity can operate in its own silo with its own business attributes like discounts, currencies, approval policies, and contract documents. And it’s equally easy to establish a consolidated view across multiple businesses to allow for full visibility, aggregated data, and comprehensive reporting.

“Subskribe Multi-Entity is a feature that is unmatched in the CPQ market,” said Eric Wood, Chief Technology Officer at Cordance. “This feature exactly meets our needs, allowing us to scale our business in many different ways and provides a level of flexibility unmet by other products.”

The benefits of Subskribe Multi-Entity extend beyond the sales team. Controlled access isn't just good for simplifying the CPQ process; it's also an important tool in terms of governance and compliance. And Subskribe Multi-Entity ensures a consistent cross-functional experience for everyone who touches your CPQ, from sales to legal to customer support to finance.

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Subskribe is the Adaptive Quote-to-Revenue Platform for modern SaaS companies. Totally unified. No silos. Zero reconciliation, from quote to revenue. Designed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading SaaS companies, Subskribe helps businesses maximize revenue with innovative deal structures like ramp-up engagements, mid-term upsells, and flexible discounts. The result is faster time-to-market, increased top-line growth, and massive operational savings. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Subskribe is backed by venture firms including 8VC and Slow Ventures. For more information, visit

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