Bumper Protocol Accelerates Development of Crypto Price Protection with Commissioning of Digital MOB


London, UK, Feb. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bumper are excited to announce the engagement of blockchain and Web3 development house Digital MOB, a Bucharest based top-tier agency with an impressive track record building and advising several prominent protocols such as Maker DAO, Filecoin, Gnosis, and BarnBridge.

Bumper’s revolutionary DeFi protocol fills a crucial gap in the cryptocurrency market by providing crypto users with discreet token price protection from downside volatility.

Bumper’s extensive economic simulations have yielded promising results, showing the protocol to be a viable, competitive and simple alternative to options trading for hedging risk in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. These early results were a major factor in Digital MOB’s decision to choose to work with Bumper.

Digital MOB’s Chief Innovation Officer, Bogdan Gheorghe, said “We’ve been obsessed with price protection and fixed interest derivatives since the DeFi summer of 2020, and we believe Bumper is one of the few projects tackling this crucial issue with the necessary seriousness… We feel, given the current market conditions, that there’s a great fit between us, and we’re happy to bring both our expertise and a fresh perspective to the project.”

Bumper CEO Jonathan DeCarteret said "Digital MOB are a collection of extremely deep thinkers with a really good track record of hitting deadlines and timings, and also building out very complex protocols. We’re very excited for the next phase of Bumper’s development."

The commissioning of Digital MOB represents the final piece in the puzzle for Bumper to bring its innovative crypto price protection protocol to market, with a Q2-2023 target for mainnet release.


Shield Your Crypto Wealth with Bumper: A radical DeFi protocol that protects the value of your wallet from downside volatility whilst still allowing you to enjoy upside gains

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