Introducing Safe Space by Nics: A Crafter, Writer, and Content Creator

Safe Space by Nics is created to be my digital safe space, unfiltered and brutally honest opinions will be shared on my blog post…

Over the past years, I’ve been writing about my emotional struggles privately, but a certain day came, and I just suddenly decided to share what I write publicly with the intention of making people… even just one person, less lonely… and that there’s me—also experiencing toxicity, apathy, and a lot more negative energies, too.

Apart from writing and giving genuine reviews to brands, I still make sure to have time to go back to my first love, which is crafting. I have always been a crafter growing up, from making my own accessories using rolled-up magazine papers to now making it a side hustle; crafting accessories, dream catchers, and other trinkets and whatnot. And I would greatly appreciate it if you would show some love by supporting me and my little business on Instagram, @shirleyandpetunia.

Through the years of crafting, I have also learned the art of dried floristry, which has paved the way for me to reach a larger market. And I’m happy to call myself a seasonal florist. ??? ? ?

And hey, as this may sound so well, I think I’m still at the bottom of everything I’m doing. There’s progress, of course, but everything I do is a one-woman team, and most of the time my drive is dropping. But I’m glad with where I am now, and I’m still looking forward to catering to more clients in the future.

And just to add, I am also a proud partner of Kwento Co., a start-up media and information literacy website. If you need help promoting your brand digitally, just tap, and we will be happily at your service.

And I think that’s all for now! I hope you join me on my writing, crafting, content creation, and anything under the moon journey.

And I’m hoping this won’t just be my safe space but could also be a safe space for anyone who needs a digital friend or irl friend. ? Happy Reading! Sending you all the love and the brightest of all lights! 

Coach Boost Gio

This press release has also been published on VRITIMES