Independence Day Campaign To Offer Freedom from Digital Fear

Today, on Philippine Independence Day, UNAWA celebrates “Freedom” to empower businesses with advanced digital solutions that enhance security and operational excellence. At the center of this campaign is SignSecure, which integrates facial recognition into e-signatures, ensuring protection against forgery and legal enforceability. Additionally, UCheck, an advanced tool for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance, offers protection against fraud and ensures strict adherence to regulations.

UNAWA, a pioneer in legal tech innovation in the Philippines, celebrates “Freedom” on Independence Day. The campaign aims to empower businesses with solutions to tackle security threats and improve operational excellence. This launch marks a significant advancement in digital security, offering businesses new tools to operate without fear in an increasingly digital landscape.

A standout feature is the new and improved SignSecure. The platform now integrates facial recognition technology into its e-signature process. This unique approach ensures that every individual signing a document is verified at each step, setting a new standard in the e-signature market. The platform bolsters security and guarantees the legal enforceability of transactions, making the e-signature process smooth and legally binding worldwide.

Additionally, ‘Freedom’ includes UCheck, an advanced tool for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance. Recently showcased at the 67th RBAP Charter Anniversary Symposium at SMX Bacolod, UCheck has already gained traction among financial institutions, mainly rural banks. This tool protects against fraud and ensures strict adherence to regulatory requirements.

UCheck empowers businesses to make informed decisions by delivering comprehensive customer insights. It offers transparency through global sanctions lists, Politically Exposed Person (PEP) checks, and Adverse Media checks. These features collectively enhance security and ensure businesses comply with all relevant regulations.

‘Freedom’ aims to provide businesses with the stability and resilience needed to thrive. UNAWA is helping companies to become more adaptable and robust in the face of various challenges by offering solutions that enhance security, efficiency, and compliance.

Launching the ‘Freedom’ campaign represents a new era for businesses in the Philippines. It signifies a commitment to fostering an environment where companies can operate confidently, with the assurance that their operations are secure and compliant with evolving regulations.

For more information about UNAWA and its innovative solutions, please visit the UNAWA website.

About UNAWA Inc

UNAWA is a pioneering legal tech company established in 2019. It empowers every Filipino business, big or small, to conquer the digital world with user-friendly legal tech tools. UNAWA makes advanced solutions accessible and affordable to build a thriving digital Philippines. UNAWA integrates the latest technology with decades of legal expertise from its founding partner, PJS Law.

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