Singapore’s First and Only Fully Diabetic, Keto, and Celiac Friendly Ice Cream Boutique Opens at Owen Road

Ketojiak opens at 44 Owen Road, offering sugar-free, ultra-low carb ice creams that are diabetic, keto, and celiac-friendly. Inspired by founder Galvin Sng’s personal loss and interactions with individuals managing health issues, Ketojiak aims to provide high-quality desserts that everyone can enjoy. Offerings (all of which do not spike blood glucose levels) include creamy and rich ice creams indistinguishable from premium mainstream versions, flourless waffles with protein content that rival chicken breasts, sugar-free and ultra-low carb root beer floats and affogatos with choice of ice cream flavours. 


Ketojiak (pronounced kee-toh-jiak), Singapore’s first fully diabetic, keto, and celiac-friendly ice cream boutique, is delighted to announce its opening at 44 Owen Road, #01-313, Singapore 210044. Since its inception as a home-based business in December 2019, Ketojiak has been dedicated to creating delicious, health-conscious frozen treats.

Galvin Sng, founder of Ketojiak, began making sugar-free and ultra-low carb ice creams when he couldn’t find any that were palatable on the ketogenic lifestyle. His personal loss of his father, who passed away due to complications from poorly managed diabetes, inspired him to provide delicious and healthy dessert options. By opening Ketojiak, Galvin aims to encourage those with health conditions requiring to keep a watchful eye to sugar and carb intakes to maintain their dietary management while enjoying high-quality treats.

Ketojiak specializes in sugar-free and ultra-low carb ice creams that are creamy and indistinguishable from mainstream versions. All products contain less than 2 grams of net carbohydrates (carbs that would impact blood sugar levels) per serve, making them ideal for diabetics, keto dieters, and those seeking sugar-free options. Despite using premium ingredients, such as sweeteners costing more than ten times that of sugar, Ketojiak’s prices remain competitive with mainstream ice cream parlours.

Ketojiak has served customers with various health concerns, including diabetes, gestational diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, and inflammation. The boutique’s offerings allow families to enjoy the same desserts together, fostering a unique sense of joy and togetherness.

Highlights of Ketojiak:

  • Diabetic-Friendly: Ultra-low carb ice creams sweetened with zero glycemic impact sweeteners, ensuring stable blood sugar levels.
  • Keto-Approved: High-quality fats and minimal carbohydrates, with the same fat content as mainstream premium ice creams but lower caloric content.
  • Celiac-Friendly: Safe for gluten-sensitive individuals.
  • Dairy-Free Options: Available for those who prefer or require dairy-free alternatives.
  • Unique Offerings: Likely the first ice cream boutique to offer sugar-free and ultra-low carb root beer floats and affogatos with a choice of ice cream flavors beyond the usual vanilla.

Galvin shares, “Ketojiak was born out of a desire to make delicious and healthy desserts accessible to everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions. We believe everyone deserves to indulge in their favorite treats without compromising their health.”

To celebrate our opening, Ketojiak warmly invites media representatives to an individually arranged free sampling session at our boutique. Join us at 44 Owen Road, #01-313, Singapore 210044 to taste our unique offerings firsthand.

For more information, please visit or follow us on Instagram and Facebook @ketojiak.

“I have visited numerous times and tried at least 10 flavours… most of which are truly indiscernable from good quality ice cream / gelato. Being type II diabetic and a cancer patient I try to keto/ low carb for health. I wear a glucose monitor and have measured immediately and every hour after consumption with no obvious sugar spikes. Others in the family can just treat this like a good ice cream place while you keep to your diet. Treats even on non-cheat days! Churn on Galvin and co. You have put ice cream back in my life and I am super grateful!” – Guy, dine-in customer

“Just wanted to say the ice cream was approved by my two boys. Also very grateful that my 3-year-old can enjoy the ice cream without worry cause he has type 1 diabetes.” – Chai Ling, delivery customer

“Was skeptical at first to be honest because past experiences with keto-compliant desserts have been a let-down. So grateful and thrilled that I can now include dessert in my keto-diet which is not only healthier but also tastier. Tested out my blood glucose 2-hours post meal (1.5 scoop of Chewy Nama Chocolate) and it was 4.5mmol/L! I couldn’t believe it (now I do, of course).” – Michelle, dine-in customer

“They tasted just like the usual ice cream, so it was just amazing that the flavours can be so on point. Had to just dabao back for my diabetic mum to try and both my parents gave the two thumbs up. My dad even said it was the best ice cream he had, the texture was really good.” – Grace, dine-in and takeaway customer

About Ketojiak Pte. Ltd.

Ketojiak is Singapore’s first and only ice cream boutique dedicated to serving diabetic, keto, and celiac-friendly ice cream. Our mission is to provide delicious, high-quality desserts that cater to these dietary needs without compromising on taste. We seek to delight not just those who are diabetic, on the ketogenic lifestyle, or looking for sugar-free options; we hope families and friends can bond together through our offerings. 

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