Asuene APAC and Teknopro Solution, a SIer company promoting manufacturing DX in Indonesia, signed partnership agreement

Asuene APAC has signed a partnership agreement with PT. Teknopro Solusi Industri, a SIer that promotes DX and sustainability in the manufacturing industry, particularly in Indonesia. We will support manufacturing companies in Indonesia with their decarbonization and sustainable management through providing “ASUENE”, a carbon accounting platform.

Achieving Carbon Neutrality in Indonesia and the Needs of Japanese Companie

Indonesia has set a goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. President-elect Prabowo, who is scheduled to take office in October 2024, aims not only to raise Indonesia’s GDP growth rate and make it a developed country by 2045, but also to achieve both a decarbonized society and economic growth by promoting the use of green energy and the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EV).

In response to this situation, companies are increasingly looking for ways to visualize and reduce their CO2 emissions. In particular, Indonesia has the highest share of manufacturing industries such as transportation equipment (motorcycles, etc.) and food and beverage products, accounting for 19.2% of the total. Because the manufacturing industry consumes a large amount of energy and emits large amounts of CO2, it is important to work toward decarbonization.

In the midst of increasing importance placed on visualizing and reducing CO2, Asuene APAC has signed a partnership agreement with Teknopro Solution, a SIer company based in Indonesia.

Details of Partnership Agreement

“ASUENE” is the No.1 carbon accounting platform in Japan and Asia, and is currently used by more than 6,000 companies, (as of May 2024, according to our own research). Asuene APAC also provides the ASUENE platform and consulting services to promote carbon measurement and reporting to local companies in ASEAN.

Teknopro Solution is a SIer company in Indonesia, with particular strength in promoting DX and sustainability management in the manufacturing industry. Through our partnership, we will support Teknopro’s customers with “ASUENE” to help them visualize, reduce, and report their CO2 emissions.

We will aim to contribute to achieving the reduction of their CO2 emissions in Indonesia.

Teknopro Company Profile

Company name: PT. Teknopro Solusi IndustriRepresentative: Technical Director, Yure Firdaus
Address: Jl. Premier Park 2 No.AC-8, Cikokol, Kec. Tangerang, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15117, Indonesia

About Asuene APAC Pte. Ltd.
Asuene Inc. is a leading Climate Tech company in Japan with the mission of ”Making a better world for next generations”. We provide “ASUENE” a carbon accounting platform to measure, report and reduce carbon emissions of companies and we contribute to the net zero society.

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